Progressive Expense Reduction

Group Purchasing Specialists

Being part of a Purchasing Group is a great way for small and medium sized businesses to increase their buying power. By purchasing as a part of a larger group, the individual can take advantage of the purchasing group’s overall buying spend to get better prices.

Significant cost savings can be identified, as the buying group will have negotiated preferential prices from suppliers based on the volume of business done by the whole group. As a small business, you can suddenly start buying as if you are a big business.

This obviously has a direct benefit on your profit margins. We pride ourselves on offering personalized packages for each individual business with flexible terms.

Progressive Expense Reduction offers impartial advice on suppliers, products and systems. Undertaking a full free assessment of your procurement activity, our specialist buying group team will report back our findings and recommendations with no obligation to buy. There are no contracts or restrictions and all direct supplier relationships are maintained.