About Us

Progressive Expense Reduction are cost reduction specialists with over 20 years of creating buying power for our group of customer's.  Significant cost savings can be identified as we have negotiated preferential prices from suppliers based on the volumes of  combined business.  As a small business you can suddenly start buying as if you are a big business.  


Our dynamic team of independent Cost Reduction Specialists services customers mostly in the GTA but also nationally.  We do not work directly for suppliers.  We work for our customer! We do not try to push you into a single product like a direct sales rep would, instead we have agreements with all


major suppliers to sell their products and services, allowing us to have an unbiased, consultative approach.

Our Principles

  • We understand that every business is different, so too are their needs.  We will not fit a product or service to our customer, we fit our customer to a product or service.  We work for the customer, not the supplier.

  • We recognize that our customers are busy, and for that reason we like to keep our "snooping" to a minimum.  We do nag sometimes...but we do it nicely.

  • We recognize that quality is important, as are good relationships with suppliers, supplier reliability, and​ 


      convenience. Price is not everything. So we never recommend a savings if it does not                      offer value. We’ll tell you if we think you are already getting a good deal from an existing


  • We recognize that it’s very important to listen to a client’s needs; and to respect any sensitivities about existing suppliers and company policies.