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Save 15-30% On Your (Already Discounted) Courier Costs

Searching for “on-time” courier service and reasonable pricing is a long process. Most Courier companies base pricing on the amount of volume that you ship. Imagine for a moment what type of pricing you can get when you attach your volumes to the thousands of other members and take advantage of discounts that are proving to save an additional 15-30% on their already discounted courier costs. Currently audits have shown anywhere from 18-33% savings.


All we require to perform this “no cost” audit is your current shipping data. This means that we need to have at least 2 weeks of shipping history which shows date shipped, number of pieces, weight of pieces, sender address, destination address and pricing. (The last 2 weeks of your current courier invoice is required to perform an accurate audit).

These 2 weeks of information will provide us with a clear look at your annual volumes and revenues which will allow us to provide you with an accurate analysis.

This NO COST process is simple:


  • Contact us through our website or call 289-200-2485

  • Photo copy, scan or prepare electronic copy of 2 weeks shipping history

  • Send it by mail or email to Progressive Expense Reduction

  • We follow up with a “no-cost” analysis showing you the cost savings and your new Courier rates.

  • Then it’s your choice whether you choose to switch suppliers or not!



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